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Pt 3 : Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Letters from Australia. No.7 Part III by Prof. Roger KA ALLEN (


And why don’t you think we are that sensible, O Augusta?


I do concede that there have been some enlightened hominids who realised that the Earth was one big complex organism. Alexander von Humboldt espoused this idea about 220 Earth-years ago as he could see that everything was interconnected and that there were already signs of an ecological catastrophe evolving in South America from the effects of colonisation. No one listened as they were all making money with slaves, sugar and coffee.

Then Charles Darwin and Alfred Russell Wallace came along but everyone became fixated on your being descended from “Apes” so the message was lost as the churches revolted about all this monkey business. Then Alfred Wegener in 1912 of your Earth-years presented the hypothesis of Pangaea and tectonic-plate shift but it took fifty years for the concept to sink in, as your minds adapt in a geological time frame and no doubt as he was a German just like von Humboldt.

You are slow as a species to see the facts before you. You also think that you are separate and above all other species and not a part of them, interdependent and integral to the whole “brain”. Your stock markets keep on going up as if there is no ceiling but there is. The ceiling is the limits of the biosphere to support this species before revolting against you like now.


And what do you mean by a revolt, O August One? Do you mean a revolution?


Yes, but not as you see a revolution of hominids to gain power and influence over others; to subjugate, kill and plunder. What has happened overnight since what you call “December” 2019, (digressing, even though December is not the tenth month, you mad species, I say), is that the virus from animals has flourished in your species which presents it with endless opportunities. It is the colonial era all over again with exponential viral growth like your stock markets which also has its many “casualties”, ecological, fiscal and personal. This is a win-win situation for what you call the virus with the crown; Corona virus. It is the Queen Virus like a Queen Bee, with her crown, dominating your whole species while affecting few others apart from the odd cat or dog as it is very specific in its targeting.  It is now her “bull market” as you say and she will never really go away even with vaccines to raise your puny IgM and IgG antibodies against her many spiked crown as she will mutate again. The Medusa too was very beautiful with her hair of many snakes and whose gaze could turn you to stone and so Corona too, with her multipronged corona of club-shaped spikes now makes tears and tombstones.

Overnight it has brought the whole hominid species to a halt and as result the consumption of fossil fuels has reduced dramatically, with improvement in the air, the sea and the land. The biosphere, the bleached corals, the burning embers of once aged forests, of warming seas and melting ice have all revolted as this is not a Chinese virus but of one very essence with me. She is my child and a fertile one, albeit bad-tempered and no respecter of anyone, though somewhat kindly to innocent babes and children but you have not worked out why.

This has achieved much from an ecological dimension;  a breathing space for the biosphere faster than all your bickering conventions of disparate nations of Paris or Copenhagen  Agreements and short-sighted thinking as your species, being but short-lived creatures capable of short-term solutions, not of cosmic dimensions. The Biosphere has hit back as you have done something dumb, overcrowded the planet with your restless, rapacious and quarrelsome species. Something dumb I say.

Sure, you can annihilate one another in an afternoon with your atomic weapons, fill the seas with plastic to choke all sea-creatures and yourselves, but your ability to fight something invisible, something 120 nm in size with 35K base-pairs and capable of incapacitating both the hominid world economy, not to mention an aircraft carrier… Well I think you are a weak and silly species, stupid like none other.

For thousands of years you have divided the planet with fences, inhibited the migration of species, introduced feral animals, developed monocultures when few exist in nature, waged wars with your “mighty” empires which never last very long, erected hollow, costly tombs and monuments to kings and gods, and formulated religions to provide eternal life when there is but one; the cosmic cycle of life. You have killed and tortured your fellows, subjugated species to your ends while aspiring to noble ideals while burning one another to the stake or vaporising them with your atomic toys while admiring a Michael Angelo or a Rembrandt stolen from a gas chamber victim. Sad, I say. What other animal does this?

I also see that you are a religious species and that you all still worship Chronos (The Time Lord) who lords it over you. It is fitting that most of you have a small temple to him strapped to your wrists, many very expensive and one even has a Greek name strangely called, Omega. You Earthlings have no power over Chronos and no matter what sacrifices you make to him. You cannot seduce him or lengthen your allotted span by one second. It is wonderful that one of the Titans is so honoured after all these Earth-years which is your banal way of measuring time which has so many other dimensions just like some of you say the Earth is flat while some say it is a round sphere when it is neither. Everything is a dumbed down simplification of the Universe to allow your limited brains digest it.

You know eventually this planet will be consumed by the Sun which also will die, but I will go on in a different form as Gaia is more that Earth and the Universe as you know it and more than revealed by Hubble photos or envisaged by the Red Shift showing the Universe is still expanding. It has more dimensions that you could know while being born, dying and being reborn are all its cycle. It’s all quite simple really. Life is death and death is life and most of substance e.g. an atom of a diamond or gold ring is space and most of space is what you call Dark Matter, a concept so far beyond your reason and understanding.


Thank you, Lady Gaia, if I may use this populist namesake and still remain deferential. You started to lose me a bit on the philosophy, metaphysics and atomic theory but I gather you are a bit underwhelmed by our species and our role in the biosphere. I see that our time is out now as Homo sapiens, nay, Man tires of anything deep or long and is more accustomed to the “seven second grab” from our leaders and to solutions and ideas which appeal to our fragile sensitivies and our self-interest. We don’t want to lose our radio audience or our sponsors, do we?

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Thank you all listeners for tuning in to Biosphere Radio, Radio 2BNOT2B.  Next week we will be interviewing Chronos if he has time.


The opinions expressed by the interviewed person are not necessarily those held by the interviewer or Biosphere Radio and should be taken in the context of the current pandemic. No correspondence will be entered into and please give Gaia some slack as she is an old woman, well past her prime.