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Lung Function Tests


There are several different types of lung function (or breathing) tests performed in our rooms. These tests can help to diagnose and monitor lung conditions. Spirometry is a basic breathing test which measures the amount of air that you can blow out from your lungs.

The physiologist performing the test will measure your height and weight, then ask you to sit in front of the equipment (Spirometer). You will be asked to take a deep breath in and blow into the spirometer as hard and fast as you can until your lungs are completely empty. This routine will be repeated to ensure the results are consistent.

Reversibility testing involves performing spirometry before and after you have taken medication (Ventolin). This can take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Some patients will need to complete a Complex Lung Function test, which involves further testing on the same equipment. These tests are used to assess your oxygen uptake capacity and your total lung volume. This can take approximately 30-45 minutes.

All new patients to the practice are required to have to have a diagnostic breathing test. Prior to performing these tests:

  • Please do not drink alcohol on the day of the test
  • Please avoid eating a large meal two hours before the test
  • Please wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing
  • Please avoid vigorous exercise 30 minutes prior to the test
  • Please do not smoke in the 24 hours before the test

Depending on your illness, you may or may not be required to have a breathing test at each visit.