Medico Legal

medlegSince he was a medical registrar in the late 1970’s, Professor Allen has had an interest in occupational lung diseases, and in particular asbestos-related diseases.

Professor Allen has been involved as an expert witness in numerous medico-legal cases of a wide range of occupational lung diseases and particularly, asbestos-related diseases. He estimates that he has prepared about ten thousand medico-legal case reports for the courts over the past twenty years.

Professor Allen sees many patients with this condition on a weekly basis and has appeared in the Federal Court (Queensland) on numerous occasions as an Expert Witness over recent years.

His Expert Witness Statements can be found here: Expert Witness in Respiratory Disease Statement and Expert Witness in Sleep Disorders Statement.

If you are a patient with a medico-legal case pertaining to a thoracic or sleep issue, please contact your solicitor.

If you are a lawyer working on behalf of a client with a case pertaining to a thoracic or sleep issue, please contact us for further information. Our fees are in line with the Law Society of NSW Schedule of Allowances to Witnesses and Suggested Fees  with the exception of court appearance fees.

Court appearances may be booked with a minimum of 10 weeks notice. A court appearance fee is payable to secure the proposed date. This fee is non refundable if a cancellation is received with less than 45 days notice. A partial forfeiture of the fee is incurred should the appearance be cancelled with more than 45 days notice. We request that court appearances are prefaced with a brief summary on the issues related to the appearance.

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