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Pt 2 : Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Letters from Australia. No.7 Part II  by Prof. Roger KA ALLEN (


Well, Your Ladyship, what is our other mistake?


It also said in the Hebrew laws (Leviticus 11) that there were certain foods which we not a good idea to eat because of previous experience although I think this went a bit too far as I like pork crackling and shucked oysters. However, the recent troubles arising from wet markets in the geographical place you call China, after that Chin Dynasty, attests to this injunction making good sense. Fancy bat soup, pangolin pie and curried civet, but I see your WHO approves!

What I call my “biospheric brain” has been noticing for some time, particularly since you discovered that ancient forests buried for eons, now coal, shale and oil,  could be burnt, that the planet is under threat of imminent ecological implosion. You are making the complex too simple. “Less is more” is right sometimes but for the planet, “more” is less is better, as the more complex the system, the more resilient it is.  “Simply clever, eh?”

Are you hot in here? Can you open a window for some cool glacial breeze and no, it is not my hot flushes. Your autumns are not as cool as I once remembered.

Over the millennia, a few wise men and women have brought ideas to you hominids but as you prefer rules to ideas, these people have usually been killed, or ignored, after which you set up a severe set of rules, dogmas, laws, philosophies and religions. You love rules and laws.

Even your brightest scientists (the rare sapiens ones) and philosophers ended up with a set of rules. Someone’s Laws of Thermodynamics or Newton’s Third Law of Motion etc. to reduce the complexity of the universe to the banality of a billiard table or a clock. Even now, hominids are trying to formulate one law to explain all things in the cosmos; from String Theory to quantum mechanics. See they have to think of something tangible like a string and quantum stuff is reduced again to mechanics without seeing there are all those other dimensions in the universe they don’t even know about.

Even your idea of a time-space continuum is so linear, so one-way, so limited but I suppose the poor dears are just primitive hairy hominids but now wearing Hugo Boss suits, Prada garb and red-soled shoes. Your nature has not developed along with your technology as your hindbrain is still reptilian and your forebrain full of rage and your wisdom neurones are still tiny. Your laws are so reductionist, so mechanistic when even you know something as simple as “pi” is so infinite with its never-repeating numbers. It is majestic, nay, even spiritual. It is not part of a law. You just made it so to reduce it to chalk on a blackboard as it is no more a law than a butterfly’s wings are a law. Your brain just loves laws and that is why your lives are governed by laws and expensive lawyers and judges who are deficient in common sense, justice and wisdom by and large.

To be continued….