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Pt 1 : Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Thursday, 16/04/20; An Australian Chest Physician’s Reflections on the Covid-19 Pandemic. “Conversations with Gaia. An Interview by Radio 2BNOT2B.”

Letters from Australia. No.7, Part I by Prof. Roger KA ALLEN (


Gaia was the Greek name for the goddess of the Earth, the Greek name being “Ge” as in geology, Pangaea (“pan” meaning “all”, i.e. all the Earth) and born of Chaos, the foundation of all things.  She was the first goddess, the Earth-Mother who gave birth to Ouranos (Uranus), the Sky and from her incestuous union with him, she gave birth to the Titans one of whom was Chronos (Time) and the Elder Cyclopes, Eros (Love) and much later, arose the Olympian gods like Zeus and Apollo. She was the “Big Bang” of earthly creation and consciousness; the alpha and omega.  Although the Greeks worshipped her, other peoples did too and it is likely the idea of her predates even the Greeks.

We are therefore very privileged to have Gaia in our studio today for an unprecedented, exclusive, interview and without the ABC or Channel 7 to dumb it down due to time constraints.


We are so privileged to have you here in our studio, O August One, Gaia. Thank you for taking time off from your vital earth-works to speak to a human during this pandemic. I trust you have been social distancing?


Oh, I see you are from the species, Homo sapiens, as first named by Linnaeus but the term is so silly and narcissistic. The “Homo” bit I get as it just Latin for “man”. I do prefer Greek of course as the Greeks were real thinkers whereas the Romans were more killers, builders, colonisers and law makers. Now the “sapiens” bit as we all know is the nominative singular of the present particle of the Latin verb, sapere meaning “to discern, be sensible” etc. What a joke! I prefer the Greek, Anthropos anoetos, the former word meaning man, and “anoetos”, meaning “without understanding, senseless”. Far more appropriate I say. What do you think, hominid? You don’t mind if I call you just hominid as it is less pompous and shorter?


Well, sure, O August One, but you lost me on the third conjugation bit as it has been a while since I did Latin,  but I see your point as I know a few people like that….one in particular named Bruce… But, but tell me more. Can I ask you a bit about your own beginnings? I mean, your CV as people need this to judge you as worthy these days for a CV speaks volumes even if most is waffle and padding.


I have always been as I am of the universal consciousness. I am of the Foundation (no not the Foundation Trilogy), sired of Chaos.  The Earth as you know it was my manifestation to you hominids but I have always been here.  In the beginning, the Earth had a violent gestation and then was hit by another body and hence the Moon formed. You can Google that but later the Earth became more an incubator for a “ bios” or what you called “life” with its simple but complex start, with some coming from meteors, thermal vents in oceans etc. I am sure such a “sapiens” as you knows all this stuff. Land masses started to drift apart, cold and hot epochs came and went as the “bios” matured to become more complex than the three pound hominid brain. Indeed the whole Earth is one big quantum brain, a “sapiens” functioning with all the millions of species, the geological (there goes my name again) forces heaving and sighing, with magnetic rings around to shield it from gamma rays from space, gases in the air to protect and warm it, the seas with their endless cycles to water its surface etc. It thinks just as you do but on an immense scale whereas you are flat out remembering a shopping list.


I had never thought of the Earth like this as I just thought it was a myriad of creatures and natural resources to exploit. Where did we go wrong?


And then comes Anthropos anoetos (man) in his various forms, Homo erectus, Neanderthals etc. to spoil everything. Initially primitive hominids tended to act like normal animals existing in harmony with Nature and natural laws but as time went by, they discovered agriculture, developed civilisations and from that sprung war, pestilence and technology, the exploitation of natural resources without realising that the “Biosphere” is a finite, contained unit spinning in space for just a while.

Exponential growth was accepted as the norm as colonisation of everything stepped up. In the Western part of the planet a group of hominids who called themselves Hebrews wrote a set of creation stories, histories and laws which contained a few serious flaws, the most important being that they said God gave man “dominion” over everything meaning whole biosphere when he is but a small part of it (see Genesis for details). This misinterpretation of the meaning of “dominion” led to widespread ecological disintegration of the planet which has progressed to this day with the wiping out of habitat and vast numbers of species, pollution of the oceans and desecration of its maritime inhabitants as everything is “free” to be exploited; at no cost. It is a balance sheet with one column missing. This is a bit like tearing out your eyes and cutting away bits of your brain, year after year. The result is a blind man with ecological dementia.  This you have done to the biosphere which is your only home and you may yet go mad like Lady Macbeth who cried, “Out damned spot” but you are the spot at the current rate.

To be continued…